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How much compensation for a pedestrian accident?

The amount of compensation that you’re going to receive from a pedestrian accident varies greatly on your injuries, how long it took you to recover and other factors. Whenever you’re injured, you can recover your medical bills from the at-fault driver. You can recover lost wages. When you are seriously injured, there are other things that you can recover for as well. We determine how much compensation somebody is entitled to by taking a thorough look at their records, and finding out from their doctors whether our client is suffering a temporary problem or whether it’s long-term or even a permanent.

Once we look at the entire treatment history, the recovery process, the different ways that the injuries impaired and impacted their life while they were recovering, then we can get a good idea of what their case should settle for. Call Stein Law. If you have been injured, we can help you figure out what you’re entitled to and ensure that you don’t settle for less.