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Will & Estate Services

It’s important to have a Last Will and Testament. In the event you pass away, depending on your family and next of kin, your assets including your home, money, retirement funds and more may be in jeopardy leaving your relatives to pick up the pieces and often pay thousands in legal fees to do it.

Stein Law strongly suggests you have a basic estate package which includes the following items:

Last Will & Testament

This document will list out how your assets will be distributed after you pass away as well as how to handle any debts.

Power of Attorney & Healthcare Representative

In the event that you become severely debilitated these documents can name a specific person to handle your affairs including finances, pending legal matters and medical decisions.

Living Will

In the event you are put on life support this document would give you the opportunity ahead of time to decide whether to be kept on artificial life support, taken off, or leave the decision to someone else.

will and testament document


  • Estate Package. (All 3 items listed above): $500.00
  • Last Will & Testament only: $400.00
  • Power of Attorney & Healthcare Representative only: $150.00
  • Living Will only: $50.00

Other Estate Services

  • Existing Will revisions.*
  • Assistance with Will of a loved one that has passed away.*

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