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Truck drivers are under constant pressure to meet time deadlines from their employers, and in a business where time is money, a driver’s lack of adequate rest may lead to sleep deprivation. A truck driver falling asleep at the wheel for seconds can cause fatal injuries. Drowsy driving is an ongoing problem in the trucking community, yet another reason drivers must be constantly alert while in the presence of large trucks.

One out of every 9 fatal accidents on our highways involve a semi-truck

For the most part truck accident injuries are similar to car accident injuries, except for one major difference. Due to the size difference between commercial trucks and passenger vehicles, severe injuries and fatalities are more likely to occur in truck collisions.

Truck accident litigation is usually more complex than individuals in a passenger car accident. Truck related accidents often involve commercial insurance, truck mechanics, and federal trucking regulations as well.

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Our experience handling semi-truck accident claims will be critical to the value of your case. This includes our understanding of the special laws regulating semi-trucks and their drivers, as well as our ability to identify the potential of multiple insurance policies. When it comes to truck-related accidents, our New Albany truck accident attorneys have years of experience representing clients in the Louisville Metro and Southern Indiana area from our offices in New Albany and Clarksville.

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